Monday, June 19, 2017

Packing up and Moving out...

It's been a while since my last post, but that doesn't mean we haven't been very busy.
To make a long story short, I have accepted a position with State Farm which requires me to move to a new location.
I consider us lucky enough to be leaving the state of Illinois and relocating to Dallas, Texas!
Most of us are VERY happy about this and look forward to starting a new chapter in our lives.

As you might imagine, there has been a flurry of activity around the house.
Rental properties to sell, house to sell, items to get rid of, stuff to throw away.

The starboard float has been cut into thirds, wrapped with stretch wrap and two of the three pieces were shuttled down to Louisiana for storage. Since glass was only on the inside, it should be a relatively simple matter to glue the pieces back together, scarf the butt-joint on the float interior and wrap the exterior with glass.

My official "first day" is August 1, 2017 but I suspect we'll be physically moving a week early.

As for the build itself, I have to honestly say that we might well be looking at the end of the road... The housing market in Dallas, Texas at the moment is nearing insanity. They can't build houses fast enough and the subdivisions keep getting farther away from the job site. Most of those subdivisions have HOA's (as you might imagine) which will deny my request to build another shop. That forces us even further from work and then we start running into problems with commute time.

We plan to visit the area for a "House Hunting" trip soon, but will likely pick up a used travel trailer and set up a temporary housing location in an RV Park. Doing so will allow us to keep our stuff in storage while we roam the countryside looking for suitable accommodations.

More to come, but I'll post an update here every so often while we get ourselves situated.

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Boat Building on hold for a bit

Lot's of things going on at the moment not the least of which is Spring cleanup and work that needs to be done around the house.

I'm hoping to get back to business here in a month or so.

Monday, February 27, 2017

Flip and Swing

The original plan was to raise and flip the float half before sliding it over into position along a set of rails or something. But once I got it into the air I realized it would be a simple matter to swing it across the shop just like a monkey swings through trees.

The neat thing is that I was able to do this by myself in a few hours which is always a reward in and of itself. After getting everything in place I spent the next four hours cleaning and organizing the shop.

Next on the list is to get everything lined up to mark the exact location of the other two bulkhead halves. They should line up exactly, but since I wasn't absolutely sure I thought it would be better to wait and get the precise locations marked. Then I need to get the aft section of the float cut to match before gluing the halves together.

Hull half lifted from cradle

Battens and Form frames knocked down

Rotating by hand to invert

Now flipped and resting on some saw horses until I can get things in place for the swing over to the other side of the shop

Ropes set up in the middle of the shop to take up the slack when the pulley's are released.
This is what makes the swing.

Lifting the float half high enough to allow for a swinging action over to the center tables

And just as easy as that, I lowered the hull and it swung right over to the middle of the shop

Resetting the lines for swinging over the other float half

I have no cleats in the shop, so the lines were tied off to the strongbacks

In place and resting on some lumber while I re-group and clean up the shop

Monday, February 20, 2017

Almost ready for flip and slide

Starboard outer hull half is curing in place and almost ready for removal from cradle.
Link here

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Trees Down - Finally

Well that's mostly done!
A bit nerve wracking as you might imagine.
The trees ended up being right at 75' (23m) tall and were really close to the house as you can see in the pictures. But a length of chain, some ropes, careful cuts and eight hours of maneuvering resulted in everything being safely cut down and only the bases are left standing.

I'll get those knocked down once we get the debris cleaned up and hauled away.
No sense in making a bigger mess for myself at the moment.

Prior to doing this, I did contact three tree service companies and requested quotes to simply knock the trees down and drive away. All three came in at $2000!
Ridiculous - Screw them!

I rented the lift for $230 and picked up a spool of rope for $90 and did it myself.

First branch cut and hanging by some chain. Once in this position I simply went back up the lift and cut chunks from the bottom of the hanging piece up to the chain before tying off again and pulling down the next section below the chain

View from the basket

Shop view from the lift.
In this photo you can see the left over stump after cutting free the hanging mess from the previous photo.

Tree bases left up for now while we clear the debris

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Boat Bling! (and a new compressor)

Still working on some projects around the house, so no boat work for still another couple of weeks.
This coming weekend (depending on weather) we will work on cutting down the two big trees next to the house. A bit scary, but we'll try to be as safe as possible.
Last weekend we got the garage door installed along with building out the front walls of the garage to accommodate the smaller/taller door. I also got the fence rails in place for the section between the house and shop. No fence panels installed yet since the season is over and they are no longer stocked at Lowe's. Next spring we'll get that finished up.

In other news, I received my first pieces of "Boat Bling" in the form of three Chain Plate Distributor blocks from Colligo marine. They took a while to be delivered, but absolutely worth the wait! Very nice pieces of hardware.

CSS93BLK with 7/8" insert:
 - 23,500lb (10,659Kg) Safe Working Load
 - 47,000lb (21318Kg) Break Strength

And finally, I picked up a new air compressor.
In this case, I literally "picked it up"...
I was on my way to Lowe's to get some lumber for the garage door when just up the road I see an air compressor set out for trash. I stopped and asked the guy if he was getting rid of the compressor and what was wrong with it. He said the motor was getting old and it was tripping the breaker every once in a while. I told him I'd be glad to take it off his hands and he helped me load it up into the truck.

Once I was back home and done with the garage work, I took some time to go over the compressor and clean it up a bit. I plugged it in and it started up just fine. I did change the quick disconnect air line fitting and tighten up the air filter. But other than that it has worked perfectly. The motor is rated at 5HP and requires quite a bit of power at startup, so I'm thinking he may have had this unit plugged into a shared circuit which might be what the problem was.

So with a new compressor for "free", I guess I can zero out the cost of the Chain Plate Distributors?